There are two main paths to homeownership in Tampa; you could move into a ready-built home. If you did not like it, you could renovate or repurpose it.

The other path is through home construction Tampa. This has a few cons; you wait longer to occupy your home, and it is more expensive and stressful to build.

On the flip side, you can customize your house. It is often hard to get a house that matches your needs. New homes are also low maintenance for the first several years. They have lower energy costs as they are built to comply with energy-saving regulations. But whatever case you might be facing, check out Tampa Constructors corp in Tampa.

Home construction Tampa involves several stages.

  • Setting the budget

The budget determines the type of home you can afford as a new home builder in Tampa. A rule of thumb is that the payments for the home should not exceed 25% of your net pay. This should include the principal, interest, taxes, and other incidental charges.

You will live in a house you cannot afford if you disregard this, which will have a domino effect on the other aspects of your finances.

Depending on location and other factors, home construction in Tampa generally costs $150-$400 per square foot.

  • Design-Build Contractor

This is a departure from the traditional project delivery method of contracting a builder. The design-builder has professionals able to handle the various stages of the process under one roof.

This is better for you. Your home will be designed by architects working hand in hand with the engineers under a construction contractor.

Choose a design contractor with vast experience constructing new homes in Tampa and who values both your time and money.

  • Permits

Home construction in Tampa requires several permits, licenses, and inspection certificates at various stages of construction. These are required by both the state of Florida and the city of Tampa, and these include a building permit, water, sewer inspection, impact fees, etc.

Your builder applies for the permits, licenses, and inspection certificates and advises you on how much to pay. They are rather steep, and you should reasonably set aside about 6% of your entire budget for this. If your estimated budget is $150,000, expect permits and fees to cost you $9000.

  • Construction

Construction takes between four to eight months. It is not for those who want or must move into their new home quickly. Availability of materials and labor; the type of home; the weather, and unforeseen circumstances can push back when you join your home farther and farther.

The process begins by digging up and laying the foundation. Then the framing structure is set up, and electric, rough plumbing, and HVAC are installed.

The contractor should then walk you through the site to see that everything up to that point is as it was agreed upon. Then the structure is covered up and fixtures installed. Finishings are then applied, and your house is finally ready to occupy.

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If you are renovating or just building your home in Tampa, getting the right partner for the job is important. The contractor can either break your dream home or deliver precisely what you were hoping for and this calls for proper research on the best contractor, like Tampa Constructors Corp.