Need inspiration for your next commercial building project? We wake up to new trends in every industry, and commercial construction is no exception. Working 34 hours per week or more? Enhancing the space for your employees and clients is undoubtedly a wise investment. The latest design trends seek to make the work environment more comfortable, aesthetically appealing yet professional with a top-up of energy-efficient properties. Read on for the must-know trends.


The Commercial Construction Design Trends That You Should Know!

  • Greenery

Can’t rely on direct outdoor space for your nature inspiration? You can bring your greenery in! The ‘biophilic office’ connects with nature through plants, living walls, and natural elements like stone and wood. Don’t forget that research has shown that employees are more productive in natural surroundings.

  • Industry-style offices

It isn’t the latest addition to the Florida construction book, but one that’s expected to reappear. Talk of metal furniture, exposed utilities, brick walls, and raw wood elements. Create the best working environment by pairing it with the biophilic trend.

  • More outdoor space

Thought that outdoor living is better left at home? It’s even better at the office. Businesses are turning to architects to enhance and expand their outdoor spaces. The creative ideas are endless and include outdoor break areas and shared terraces. This is especially true for restaurants, whose concentration has greatly shifted to the patios and rooftops for al fresco dining.

  • Go eco-friendly!

With more and more people evaluating their contribution to global warming and climate change, eco-friendly elements will be popular. This starts at the architectural and design stage through energy-efficient lighting (natural light or a switch to light-emitting diode bulbs), water and energy-efficient appliances, energy-efficient windows and doors, and solar energy.

  • Pattern combos

While this is not entirely new, it’s set to increase. Commercial spaces are already embracing unique pattern combinations. The objective is to create depth in the design, and one perfect means to this end is mismatching floor tiles.

  • Geometric patterns

Large, catchy, and dramatic geometric patterns have finally found their place in commercial construction in Florida. These are applicable on accent walls and tile floors. They add a unique touch by corrupting bland spaces.

  • Deep palettes

Color makes the design world go round, and you can never underestimate its power. It can make or break your success by affecting the feel and mood of your employees and clients. Gray, taupe, and charcoal colors are stealing the spotlight this summer. You could never go wrong blending them with stone or ivory for tone balancing. Still, pay attention to your business brand colors while not focusing completely on color trends.

  • Improved technology

Businesses communicate with clients and employees across the globe. This has prompted architects and designers to contemplate construction spaces that accommodate integrated technology. These include creating specific rooms for digital whiteboards and teleconferencing screens, efficient cable management, and more outlets and plugs in the corner of every room.

The world keeps evolving, and residential construction as commercial construction is beaming with great ideas. These seek to not only transform space but also enhance employees’ comfort and productivity while adding a warm touch to invite clients. As always, work with a credible architectural or design firm to make the most of the trends above. A record of excellent customer satisfaction is important since commercial buildings are great investments.