It does not matter if you are in Tampa or another part of the country; finalizing a deal with a handshake is not legally binding, especially when money is involved. Humanity has known we needed something more binding since before the 16th-century to ensure deals were upheld by both parties. Contracts, a legally binding document between two parties, were the solution. The need for contracts is especially true of any new construction or renovation project you may be starting. 

In business for over 30 years, Tampa Constructors Corp. knows general contracting can be complicated and stressful for everyone. By design, contracts help with these problems. You may not be overly familiar with contracts before signing your first one. To help, we put together a list of items to keep in mind while negotiating contract details.

General Contracting Contracts Protect Everyone

It is important to realize; contracts benefit both homeowners and general contractors alike. Both parties have responsibilities and are entitled to certain protections. 

Contracts provide a written set of commitments and expectations that both sides are held to by law. Having an agreed-to time frame, budget, and payment schedule will often prevent or reduce the severity of any conflicts that may arise. For this reason, your contract must cover specific key points. 

Key Points To Look For

  • Money – Money can bring about very passionate emotional responses in people. With a contract in place, emotions can be taken out of the process. Your contractor agrees to work within a specific budget while you agree to a payment plan. Often payments are tied to the contractor completing certain key parts of the project. 
  • Clear Expectations – The details of the project need to be made clear upfront. Make it clear for all involved what work will and will not be done, the materials to be used, the finishes, site maintenance during construction, and the final clean-up process. 
  • Time Frame – Delays are going to happen, but they should not be extended delays. Set specific time frames for different phases of construction. Include the project completion date in the contract as well.
  • The Warranty – Any legitimate contracting company will offer certain warranties. Make sure you are aware of what is covered and for what time frame. Both items should be very specific in the contract.

Contractor Benefits

Contracts do a lot for contractors as well. Documented, defined work expectations will protect the contractor from being held liable for previous work or damages by another party. 

Set schedules and budgets allow for greater efficiency as well. Knowing when a project will be completed allows for better planning of future projects.

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